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URUGUAY: 5 days left to win tickets to JSCONF!

El ganador será anunciado el martes por la mañana!

Ganá dos pases para la JSConf Uruguay 2016 (Abril 15 + 16)

1- Compartí tu proyecto favorito de Jam3 en Facebook, Twitter o Instagram.
2- Contanos por qué te encanta
3 – Taggeá nuestra página y usá el hashtag #Jam3JS
(acordate de hacerlo público y que no sea solo para tus amigos)

Buena suerte!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday morning!

Win two passes to the JSConf Uruguay 2016 (April 15th + 16th)

1. Share your favourite Jam3 Project on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
2. Tell us why you love it
3. Tag us and hashtag #Jam3JS
(make sure to make your post public)

Media’s 5th Jamiversary

Join us in wishing a Happy 5th Jamiversary to Executive Producer/Total Rockstar, Media Ridha. She’s put her blood, sweat and broken bones (ahem, SXSW…) into this company, and we’re beyond lucky to have this dynamo on our side. From a fledgling young production coordinator to a badass boss EP, she’s kicking ass and taking names. Watch out.

Jam3 Mural

When we moved into our new office, our lounge needed a bit of personalization. So, we asked one of our designers, Mauri, to give it some love and tell our story. With the help of a few Jam3 designers, the team created a really sweet black, silver, and gold mural. There is no shortage of culture and tradition at Jam3, the mural covers everything from our history to our inside jokes. At the center of it is a tongue-in-cheek saying we use at Jam3, “Make it Happen & Don’t Fuck it Up.” It’s all about integrity and ownership or ‘ownyourshit’ as we say up here in Canadia.

Check out the video below to get a closer, behind-the-scenes look.




It’s vital to get away from the office and into nature, especially if you play and work (hard) in the digital industry. Besides being unimpressed with some of our developers’ inability to build a tent, we had a great camping weekend. We’re resourcing the creative team now for more innovative s’mores recipes for next year. Luckily, we snapped a few pictures between the beers,  Baileys-laced coffees, and oh yeah, that thunderstorm.

Jam3 Day: Trampoline Dodgeball

Work hard, play hard. it’s a pretty fair deal. So with all the recent project launches over the past few months, the JamFam headed over to Skyzone to get a healthy dose of competition in the form of Trampoline Dodgeball. And for team building too, of course.

After some bouncing around, we hopped over to Patois for a Jamaican-Chinese fused team meal. Bar down, best Pineapple Burger we’ve had.