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NBA Pixel Arena:
The world’s first customizable metaverse world for NBA Fans.


A mind-blowing world.

Google and the NBA partnered with Media.Monks & Jam3.Monks to design the future of sports entertainment: an immersive, multiplayer 3D world inside the NBA app for fans.

Inside this personalized multiplayer experience fans could customize their avatar in futuristic street-style, recreate the legendary dunks of their favorite players and play battle royale mini-games against other fans to unlock new exclusive merch.


Strategy, Design, Production, Development, UX & QA


Creating a futuristic experience for today’s fan.

The NBA has one of the most passionate followings of any league. How do you create an experience that revolutionizes the way they experience games?
Today’s die-hard fans demand to actively participate so the world we created had to be virtual, customizable and interactive – the ultimate NBA fan verse.


Pioneering the future of sport entertainment.

Alongside the NBA and Google we set out to redefine the fandom experience through an iconic interactive world. We knew the experience had to reward fans with exclusive opportunities; foster community and connections; allow users to self-express and empower them to go deeper inside of the game they love.


A sprawling WebGL world.

Generate a lifelike avatar of yourself in the locker room, then head to the highlight remixer to recreate iconic shots from the biggest players in the NBA. Head over to the skill zone to participate in multiplayer games with other fans and rise to the top of the leaderboard. 
The arena is a sprawling WebGL complex that fans can explore together. Inside the arena you can purchase new items at the shops, join a game with other fans, and create a custom highlight reel.

Introducing Experience.Monks!

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