Driven by insight.
Inspired by technology.
Designed with purpose.

Jam3 is a global design and experience agency

Combining insight, creativity and technology to align with culture and connect with people.

What are we all about

We help forward-thinking brands launch products and design new customer experiences in digital and beyond.
We don’t make "ads". Our work instead focuses on cutting-edge experience design to help brands achieve more meaningful engagement with consumers.
Everything here is in-house and end-to-end, from strategy to creative, UX, tech, and QA. These integrated capabilities allow us to push the limits of creativity and technology while grounding us in what is most relevant to audiences.

Our Approach

A process that's both
rigorous and flexible.

Every client is unique. Some need end-to-end solutions, while others look for our expertise in a specific creative technology. We are collaborators in the truest sense and have made our process flexible to meet your workflow. We’ve been innovating in digital for 15+ years and have seen every type of challenge. Our process is always evolving to reduce risk. We maintain the highest level of rigor internally and center our process on transparency and collaboration.

Step 01


Getting to know you.
The first step in a successful partnership is to huddle up and learn. We get to know your brand, goals and expectations. From there, we put together an initial plan for the work to come. Key methodologies: kick-off meeting, stakeholder interviews, internal document review, brand audit.

Step 02


Understanding the wider context.
A great plan requires real insight. We quickly get up to speed on your consumers, relevant cultural trends, the marketplace, and more. It’s about getting the lowdown on what matters most to ensure success. Key methodologies: landscape review, trend watching, in-depth Interviews, surveys, ethnographic observation, existing data review, mindset development, journey mapping, service blueprint creation.

Step 03


Sharpening the focus.
With a deep understanding in place, it’s time to apply it. We find the vital overlap between your business needs and those of your consumers – the sweet spot where shared value lies. Now we define metrics for success. Key methodologies: development of the creative brief, experience design principles, and success metrics.

Step 04


Smart, unexpected or both.
Need ambitious, innovative and first-of-its kind? Check. Need an ultra-rational solve? Check check. Our cross-disciplinary teams concept together, drawing inspiration from culture and emerging tech while ensuring viability. Every idea and design is ultimately vetted against the success criteria. Key methodologies: innovation sprints, visual research, cultural audits, empathy mapping, mind-mapping, abstraction exercises, creative evaluation frameworks. 

Step 05

& Test

Design. Refine. Test. Repeat.
Ok, we have a great idea. Now it’s time to bring it to life and put it through its paces. Promising solutions are prototyped and tested to ensure they’re hitting the right notes with consumers and to reveal areas for improvement. Key methodologies: Information architecture, content strategy, SEO, visual concepting, UX & UI design, prototyping, user testing, industrial design, accessibility, design system creation.

Step 06


Making it happen.
Now it’s time for our elite dev teams to write beautiful modern code – delivered on time, on budget, and in full. Our production philosophy is simple: hit milestones with reliability, with deliverables that exceed expectations. Key methodologies: Tech trend watching, functional requirements analysis, tech design documentation, coding style guidelines, code reviews, speed optimization, continuous Integration & deployment, security reviews, QA. 

Step 07

Launch & Evaluate

Deploying with confidence.
For some, the launch is the end. For us, it’s another crucial step. We’re with you in force to support deployment, measure performance, and continuously improve results. After all, we judge our success by yours. Key methodologies: KPI tracking and reporting, customer feedback capture and analysis, optimization.