Solving a complex problem for adidas.


No fights, no lines, no problem.

ComplexCon is the place for hypebeast shoes — but it’s notorious for lines, fights, and chaos. We worked with adidas to disrupt the status quo, introducing a brand new system that leveraged an app, five drop spots, AR tech, and 500 smart lockers to get people limited edition shoes as efficiently as possible.


This is a shoe-ocracy.

We set out to eliminate staff and create an automated system that no one needed to line up for. Through this we were able to democratize the purchasing experience — meaning anyone with the app had an equal chance of getting shoes. This also meant we had ubiquitous presence around the convention without the need for a booth. So rather than one location, we were everywhere.


A brand new system, made from scratch.

With only weeks to develop the system and put all the parts in motion, our key challenge was ensuring the experience would work seamlessly on such a large scale. From the AR graphics to programming the smart lockers, every aspect had to be comprehensive and intuitive (and functional). Through extensive QAing and a few late nights, we managed to pull it off.


Scan. Buy. Pick-up.

Five drop spots with AR markers were located throughout the convention floor. When the in-app countdown hit zero and a new shoe was released, people could head to a drop spot, scan it, see the AR shoe spring to life, and snag a pair. In-app purchasing made for a seamless buying flow, and digital lockers meant shoes could be picked up anytime.

  • A transaction that would have taken over two hours in the past is now served within minutes of the AR release.

  • The app presented users with an AR-powered mobile store, democratizing the shopping experience.

  • adidas has intentions to completely change the way consumers shop.


Over 1,000 limited edition adidas sold in 48 hours.

Average time spent was 1.5 minutes — 2.5 hours faster than the average purchasing experience.


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