Hi, I brought lunch.


Introductions don't have to be intimidating.

Postmates was looking for an innovative way to introduce their brand new delivery bot, Serve. So we developed a site that showed off the power of this little robot.


Make it friendly and keep things moving.

We set out to tell the story of the delivery process, from point A to B, with Serve as our hero. Check out his sophisticated nav system. Look how he integrates into the streetscapes. Hey, he’s making a delivery! Every step was an opportunity to show off his charm and impressive features. To tell this fluid story, we treated the site as one living image, so every aspect felt seamless and inviting.


Here to serve the community.

Our key concern was making sure Serve didn’t come across as intimidating or unnecessary, so we storyboarded every aspect of the experience to make sure he felt like part of the community. That meant innovative, well-constructed, and helpful for individuals and small businesses alike.


Bounce with me, bounce with me.

Key to this project was nailing Serve’s 3D likeness. We had to get the renderings, lighting, and movement just right so he looked just as good as his IRL counterpart.

  • The robot itself is adorable… it looks like a small enclosed shopping cart or maybe more like a portable cooler on wheels.

  • Postmates has created a robot to speed up and automate its deliveries.


Led to articles on Wired, TechCrunch, Fast Company and The Verge praising this forward-thinking brand.


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