A powerful hub to build communities and bring the world closer together.


Go beyond the assignment.

Facebook Communities is a feature that lets anyone start a group and build community around a mutual interest — be it cosplay, Boston Terriers, or anything else you can think of. To help community leaders organize, we designed & developed a site housing tips and videos made by successful group leaders — essentially a best practice guidebook for the product. What made it interesting was how we did it.


Strategy, Design, UX,
Development & QA


Quick workflow, scalable site. Keep it modular.
Get modular.

In order to create a cohesive site, our team worked in sprints. The UX team, the design team, and the developers worked fluidly to develop an integrated site architecture that was both modular and scalable to best accommodate Facebook’s needs.


Becoming community experts. Reexamining roles.

As an outside agency, a key challenge can be developing a product for a global brand like Facebook. So we set out to develop this site in a completely different way. To achieve the best results, our UX team became project managers, completely immersing themselves in the world of Facebook Communities. By becoming experts, they were able to challenge the client’s goals and offer better, more strategic solutions to the task at hand.


An ecosystem built from the ground up.

We were responsible for every aspect of this design system—which has since become the gold standard at Facebook. Our development team built the entire ecosystem from the ground up, allowing for a scalable and flexible experience. Meanwhile our design team crafted each page, and our strategy and UX team helped redefine the way we worked with this savvy partner.


Our approach to this project lead to us taking over the entire Facebook Communities ecosystem, far beyond the educational component.

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