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Introducing Levi’s sustainable tech in style.


The art of
the drop.

Levi’s partnered with Jam3 to reveal their sustainable Future Finish technology at Art Basel in Miami. We designed and built a drop system that could leverage Future Finish’s impressive production flow, and allow Levi’s to drop exclusive products over and over again.

The drops centred around a giant neon countdown clock, a rapid-fire pattern input system, and a shipping container infinity room where shoppers could pick up their product in style.


Strategy, Design, Production
Development, UX & QA


An exclusive experience for an iconic brand.

Levi’s came to us looking for an exciting way to release their Future Finish product and build hype around their Levi’s Haus popup in Miami over the course of three months. Jam3 has a long history of designing innovative drop mechanics that create a stir, and Levi’s was no exception.
We had three main considerations: create a drop mechanism that could be reused repeatedly, leverage the high-traffic event to get people amped up about upcoming drops, and build a fluid, impressive experience that carries excitement throughout the purchase flow.


Hype, drop, repeat.

A great drop has to build anticipation, make exclusive products feel just within reach, and create a little bit of mystery. So we fabricated a giant neon countdown timer that built hype throughout the day. As the clock reached zero, we revealed a code that guests could enter on our easy to access web-app.
After the quickest fingers claimed a product, we wanted to give them a premium experience to match their exclusive purchase. Once they won their drop, they could head to The Pickup, a fully automated jean-dispensing infinity room. Scanning the code on their phone activated a ceiling-mounted carousel that delivered their product.


Delivering more
than hype.

Our jean machine delivered sold out drops for months, exceeding Levi’s expectations and becoming a beacon for streetwear hounds in Miami’s Wynwood district. The gamified drop mechanic stoked hypebeasts’ need to get it first, and satisfied their desire for an exclusive experience—without lines or mass hysteria.
And the big, shiny, futuristic delivery was truly worthy of the product we were offering.

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