Web Experience

Kiki, a Hyper-Realistic Virtual Human & Sign Language Interpreter.


The Future of Accessibility Now.

We created a highly realistic avatar & professional sign language interpreter that converts text input into a sign language video performance, to help realize a more accessible world for the deaf community in Japan.


Strategy, Design, Production, Development


Tech & Creativity
For Good.

NEP has long been committed to improving accessibility for the deaf community and becoming an accessibility pioneer in the media industry. How do you embrace technology to create a cutting-edge solution?


Text Becomes a Magical Performance.

The concept and solution was to create an application that receives text input and outputs a sign language video performance. As the world’s first highly realistic virtual human for sign language interpretation, Kiki, through a web-app, generates magically dynamic sign language interpretations from text.


Inviting. Flawless. So Human.

Built from 16,000 individual mocaps, the stunning 3D character looks, moves and feels human. The back-end application, powered by Unity, turns sentences into a welcoming and dynamic sign language interpretation.

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