Web Experience

Redefining the future of virtual events & e-commerce with a shoppable 3D world.


A mind-blowing virtual experience.

To recapture the cultural clout of ComplexCon in the age of isolation, Jam3 and Complex Networks created ComplexLand: a first-of-its-kind gamified web experience for ecommerce and culture. Part sci-fi treasure hunt, part virtual bazaar, part Club Penguin for sneakerheads, ComplexLand was a five-day convergence of music, fashion, celebrity, and hype.


Strategy, Design, Production
Development, UX & QA


Reimagining an icon

ComplexCon is an absolute institution - a nexus of hyped brands, creators, artists, and consumers. Referred to for years as “the cultural superbowl”, it showed no signs of slowing down. And then the pandemic hit and it had to stop. 
That left a big gap to fill, and raised lots of new questions How do you move an event of that scale from in-person to virtual without losing its hype? How do you turn it into an expansive world and make it globally accessible? How do you help over 60 brands sell inventory while giving fans a mind-blowing experience?


Pushing the boundaries of virtual events.

We dissected the style and structure of the massively successful event to reassemble it as an abstract webgame - ComplexLand. Unlike many virtual events which tried (and often failed) to capture the energy of a crowded room, ComplexLand was a single-player experience. The focus was on global accessibility, incredible partnerships and lots of fully-shoppable merch.
We used webGL to make the event run in any browser, from desktop or mobile. The experience itself was like a retro-futurist roleplaying game. Guests could  customize an avatar, roam a 3D map and even compete for exclusive product drops. Exploring even led to musical performances, food deliveries and celebrity panel discussions and screenings.

  • Complex turned its fashion and music festival into a futuristic video game.

  • ComplexLand made virtual shopping a reality.

  • ComplexLand is a responsible alternative to ComplexCon and could revolutionize how large events are experienced.


10,000 items sold in just 5 days.

1+ Million USD sold, with some brands selling out their inventory.

174 different countries + 725,000 visitor sessions throughout the week.