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Death of IE…Rejoice!

Finally the death knell to the bane of every web developer’s existence!

We were relieved to hear Microsoft’s recent announcement to end security and technical support for Internet Explorer 8,9,10. Well, almost. As IE 11 still lives on.

Nevertheless, we are extra enthusiastic about this because it signals that WebGL is currently triumphing by effectively removing all remaining unsupported platforms – and for what we do here at Jam3, that’s great news.

The death of the unsupported page can’t be far behind right?

We also expect to see more reliable cross browser experiences in the areas of Canvas, In Browser Video, SVG, and the Full Screen Browser, which will lead to richer 3D experiences. This will also help contribute to the current WebVR movement, that we are currently embracing and exploring.

We are also excited to stop the insane – head slamming against a wall – practice of putting upwards of 30% of the development work effort to support products that had less than less than 2.8% combined usage in 2015.

We won’t miss you one bit. Bye Felicia.

Meet Boltron

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new Creative Director/Senior Copywriter, Greg Bolton, better known in our Slack channels as Boltron (true story bro).

Greg brings more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and marketing business. He’s held creative leadership positions at top-tier global agencies like Leo Burnett and Edelman. Long before that, he cut his teeth at digital shops like Teehan + Lax, Organic and henderson bas. His work has been recognized at the One Show, SXSW, Cassies and the Marketing Awards, to name a few.

Greg comes to Jam3 positively busting with enthusiasm for the company, for the people, and for the work. “Innovation and interactivity — particularly in storytelling — are already changing the way we think and live,” Bolton said in a recent release.  “Jam3 had the early jump on all this because of their ability to keep up with and manipulate technology and use that to create really powerful, emotional brand experiences. The work they’ve done has always excited me, but I have no doubt that the best is still yet to come.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring his expertise and energy to the Jam Fam. We promise this is entirely unrelated to swirling industry-wide rumours that he cures and smokes his own bacon and pastrami.

Brand Week Istanbul

Two of Jam3’s founders — Mark McQuillan and Pablo Vio — recently spoke at the 2015 Brand Week Istanbul, where they shed light on the power of creative technology and how it trickles down to enhancing a brand’s image in this ever-changing digital landscape. “There’ll always be new tools out there but it’s mastering the use of them that can extend the engagement of a brand and the number of eyeballs on it”, said Mark.  In addition to sharing wisdom on industry trends and best practices, Mark and Pablo reflected on how Jam3 was built and grown into to the 50-person, award-winning agency it is today. We look forward to being back there next year.


Our Greatest Jams

From facial recognition tools to original interactive documentaries, we’ve taken ideas and turned them into award-winning projects over the last few years. We chopped a new reel to highlight our passion for the storytelling, craft, and technology that goes into a Jam3 project.

It pays to have awesome clients as well. In the video you’ll see projects we did with Google, NFB, Mustang, Orange, Lincoln, and Norton, to name a few.

The track is dope as well, courtesy of Chet Faker.




Jam3 Mural

When we moved into our new office, our lounge needed a bit of personalization. So, we asked one of our designers, Mauri, to give it some love and tell our story. With the help of a few Jam3 designers, the team created a really sweet black, silver, and gold mural. There is no shortage of culture and tradition at Jam3, the mural covers everything from our history to our inside jokes. At the center of it is a tongue-in-cheek saying we use at Jam3, “Make it Happen & Don’t Fuck it Up.” It’s all about integrity and ownership or ‘ownyourshit’ as we say up here in Canadia.

Check out the video below to get a closer, behind-the-scenes look.



Vice x Fido x Jam3 Break The Internet

Vice and Fido came to Jam3 to help them create a mobile only interactive music video for the song “Save Me” by Keys N Krates. This location-based experience mimics Instagram, allowing users to scroll through a personalized feed of user-generated content pulled from a database of over 4000 GIFs, submitted by fans and artists. The band photobombs every GIF to the beat of the music, creating a fun narrative that tells the story of Keys N Krates’ cross-Canada tour.

Jam3 & Miley

To promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards we created a campaign using the “muse of the internet”, Miley Cyrus.

Knowing just how irresistible she is to the online world, we designed an online platform that seeded green screen footage of the long-tongued, pop princess for users to download and creatively manipulate.

The site then became a hub for all of the ridiculous and amazing creations that users were posting online. From riding kittens in space to laser-firing pizza boobs, the submissions are a testament to everything that is awesome about the internet.


It’s vital to get away from the office and into nature, especially if you play and work (hard) in the digital industry. Besides being unimpressed with some of our developers’ inability to build a tent, we had a great camping weekend. We’re resourcing the creative team now for more innovative s’mores recipes for next year. Luckily, we snapped a few pictures between the beers,  Baileys-laced coffees, and oh yeah, that thunderstorm.

Jam3 Does Banff

Banff, Alberta is one of the most beautiful locations in Canada. Luckily, it’s also where the Banff World Media Festival takes place–an event that brings together some of the top entertainment companies and broadcasters in the world.

Our Executive Producer, Graham Budd, co-led the “Branded Content Strategy” panel, and our multi-award winning project Seven Digital Deadly Sins also happened to win “Best of Non-Interactive Fiction” at the Rockie Awards.

We also added some gems to our Instagram account, which you can browse through here. Like for like?

Music Selfie at the Grammys

To give everyone the opportunity to hear how their selfies sound, we connected a facial recognition technology to an audio engine that could spit out 4 million sound possibilities. The facial recognition tool used the distinct attributes of people’s face to allocate personalized musical tracks to each portrait.

This Grammy x Lincoln Motors interactive experience garnered 63 million social media impressions, resulting in 250,000 selfies! It’s no surprise that this site helped Lincoln beat out the lead Grammy’s sponsor, Hyundai, with 10x the amount of social shares. That’s a lot of selfies, yo.

You can take a closer look at how we made it happen here.

The New UX Slayer

We welcome Adam Slayer, Head of UX & Development, to the Jam3 Fam! Jam3 has grown exponentially in the last year and a veteran lead for the tech department was needed to manage all the growth. “We wanted somebody seasoned who could also bring some mentorship to the team,” says Mark McQuillan, Partner and Managing Director at Jam3. In the coming months, Slayer will be focused on building and managing teams, as well as creating a process that feeds into the Jam3 workflow.

Adam brings extensive knowledge and experience to Jam3 from his past work at Bensimon Byrne and Blast Radius, with such clients as BMW, Google, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and EA Sports.

In addition, Slayer also brings an array of quirky T-shirts and premium green teas to the team. He also rides a hot Ducati, no big deal.

Orange Does It Again – Awards Roundup

Recently, our multi-award winning project – Orange Futureself – won a Bronze Pencil at The One Show. Awards are never the end goal, but they are definitely a nice recognition of all the hard work and craftsmanship our teams put into each project. Here are a few recent highlights:

Orange Futureself – One Show Bronze Medal

Orange Futureself – Daily Planet TV Interview

Music Selfie – Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Week

Music Selfie – Awwwards Site of the Day (July 26)

Sakura Dream – FWA Site of the Day (July 8)

To get a closer look at how we did it, you can check out the case study here.