A shoe launch you can sink your teeth into.


To experience the impossible, do the impossible.

Predator isn’t just a shoe, it’s a force that has to be felt to be believed. To bring the adidas release to life at the official launch, we combined street art, fully immersive projection mapping, and a 3D Paul Pogba — all housed within a mobile shipping container.


3 worlds in the palm of your hand.

Inspired by Predator’s tagline Master Control, we put the entire experience in the hands of attendees. Inside the container, three worlds awaited them — street, cage, and cleat.


Soccer isn’t just for the suburbs.

Soccer doesn’t have the same cache in the US that it does around the world. To reinvent its image, we needed an edge that would attract the streetwear elite. Let’s also talk timeline. We had 8 weeks to pull off an experience built from scratch. From complete container construction to finished 2D and 3D renderings, from sound design to lighting to — you get it.


Contain yourself.

Once inside, corrugated steel walls sprung to life with projection mapped art crafted by one of three street artists, while a tablet outfitted with AR allowed visitors to control a motion-captured Paul Pogba doing some ridiculous moves. After debuting in LA, the container was packed up and shipped to cities around the world.


A first of its kind live interaction, blending AR with projection mapping.

Featured at the Tango League in LA and MLS Final in Toronto.


  • Planning & Strategy

    Content Strategy, Launch Strategy, Technical Strategy, Hardware Specification, Creative Strategy, Prototyping & Validation, Experience Mapping, User Testing.

  • Ideation & Creation

    Art Direction, Creative Direction, Immersive Environment, Video Mapping + Projection, UI Design, Visual Design, 3D Animation, 3D Design, Illustration.

  • Development

    Creative Development, Custom Hardware, Backend Development, Frontend Development.