A brand revamp that demystifies One Oncology's mission.


Design rooted in research and purpose.

Through in-depth interviews & user-testing with doctors and those touched by cancer we identified their unique pain points. To eliminate these, we embraced an empathetic approach that made One Oncology’s brand and site feel more personal, focused, and calm. The new brand voice positions One Oncology as a technology-powered brand that doesn’t lose sight of their compassion and care expertise.


Strategy, Design,
Development, UX & QA


Connecting science
and empathy

As a startup, One Oncology’s messaging and visual presence was still being formed. It needed to be simple, specific and welcoming to their two unique audiences: doctors and patients. This is a delicate task, as what’s insightful to one group could be overwhelming to another.
In-depth interviews and user-testing helped validate our decisions, particularly from doctors who just need to get to the point of how One Oncology can make them more efficient. Our solution was to temper technical efficiency and advanced data processing with soft branding: light colors, greens, circles, no hard edges.


Building trust,
through clarity

In order to humanize their offerings, it was vital to position One Oncology’s services, not as operational efficiency, but as a health partner that enables doctors to spend more quality time with patients. 
It was also important to demonstrate empathy for both potential partners and patients, so we developed a voice that is flexible to deliver various tones of content. This helped us switch communication with authority while maintaining a singular, consistent brand.
We created a design system that respects a patient’s need for critical information by stripping away unnecessary ornament. We prioritized thoughtful UX, real photography of patients and doctors, clear typography, and clean layouts.


A mindful approach to branding

The new design system modernizes and elevates the One Oncology brand while removing all unnecessary ornament, allowing the critical information a patient is looking for to shine through.
The web experience features a high standard of accessibility (AA), with special attention placed on performance, ease of navigation, and smooth and direct interactions. 
The backend is powered by a bespoke CMS, ensuring the site can grow and evolve with greater ease as One Oncology itself grows and evolves.