Interactive Storytelling - AR/VR

How AR brought an important moment in history to a young audience.


Yesterday’s disaster, today’s threat.

While nuclear fallout feels like a distant, 20th-century threat — the fact is, in the era of Trump and North Korea, it’s more relevant than ever. To inform young audiences of the danger nuclear weapons have on the planet and on humans, we created an interactive documentary told in five parts and optimized for desktop, mobile, and webVR.


Strategy, Design, Development & QA


Now you can see 
the unseen.

Aside from solely informing, we sought to make an emotional impact on our audience. We did this by developing 360 ̊ environments created in 3D from archived photos, allowing viewers to actually see radiation damage otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Viewers were also able to input their address to see how a nuclear bomb would affect their neighborhood — a sobering way to personalize the impact.


The importance of
staying unbiased.

Telling a story in 360 ̊ is challenging in its own right — especially with limited photography (and a limited budget). Finding the right pacing and placement for assets in short WebVR story chapters narrated with voiceover was tricky. It’s not easy to absorb shocking visuals so quickly, and we needed to make use of the wider field of view without making images difficult to see. Getting this right for all chapters meant really finessing the script, timing, and placement of the visuals for maximum impact.


Change the future.

An extensive amount of research was required for this project. In total, we featured 70 archival images, 20 3D objects, 40 audio files, 5 videos and 8 full CGI 360 ̊ scenes suitable for WebVR. We ended the doc with a compelling call to action, meant to inspire the next generation of activists to influence an end to nuclear weapons.


Winner of the CSA Award for Best Original Interactive Production, 2 Webby Awards and a D&AD pencil.

Winner of the ADCC Award for Best overall website, best interactive narrative, and best website design.


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