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Death of IE…Rejoice!

Finally the death knell to the bane of every web developer’s existence!

We were relieved to hear Microsoft’s recent announcement to end security and technical support for Internet Explorer 8,9,10. Well, almost. As IE 11 still lives on.

Nevertheless, we are extra enthusiastic about this because it signals that WebGL is currently triumphing by effectively removing all remaining unsupported platforms – and for what we do here at Jam3, that’s great news.

The death of the unsupported page can’t be far behind right?

We also expect to see more reliable cross browser experiences in the areas of Canvas, In Browser Video, SVG, and the Full Screen Browser, which will lead to richer 3D experiences. This will also help contribute to the current WebVR movement, that we are currently embracing and exploring.

We are also excited to stop the insane – head slamming against a wall – practice of putting upwards of 30% of the development work effort to support products that had less than less than 2.8% combined usage in 2015.

We won’t miss you one bit. Bye Felicia.