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Our Greatest Jams

From facial recognition tools to original interactive documentaries, we’ve taken ideas and turned them into award-winning projects over the last few years. We chopped a new reel to highlight our passion for the storytelling, craft, and technology that goes into a Jam3 project.

It pays to have awesome clients as well. In the video you’ll see projects we did with Google, NFB, Mustang, Orange, Lincoln, and Norton, to name a few.

The track is dope as well, courtesy of Chet Faker.




Jam3 & Miley

To promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards we created a campaign using the “muse of the internet”, Miley Cyrus.

Knowing just how irresistible she is to the online world, we designed an online platform that seeded green screen footage of the long-tongued, pop princess for users to download and creatively manipulate.

The site then became a hub for all of the ridiculous and amazing creations that users were posting online. From riding kittens in space to laser-firing pizza boobs, the submissions are a testament to everything that is awesome about the internet.

Music Selfie at the Grammys

To give everyone the opportunity to hear how their selfies sound, we connected a facial recognition technology to an audio engine that could spit out 4 million sound possibilities. The facial recognition tool used the distinct attributes of people’s face to allocate personalized musical tracks to each portrait.

This Grammy x Lincoln Motors interactive experience garnered 63 million social media impressions, resulting in 250,000 selfies! It’s no surprise that this site helped Lincoln beat out the lead Grammy’s sponsor, Hyundai, with 10x the amount of social shares. That’s a lot of selfies, yo.

You can take a closer look at how we made it happen here.