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Meet Boltron

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new Creative Director/Senior Copywriter, Greg Bolton, better known in our Slack channels as Boltron (true story bro).

Greg brings more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and marketing business. He’s held creative leadership positions at top-tier global agencies like Leo Burnett and Edelman. Long before that, he cut his teeth at digital shops like Teehan + Lax, Organic and henderson bas. His work has been recognized at the One Show, SXSW, Cassies and the Marketing Awards, to name a few.

Greg comes to Jam3 positively busting with enthusiasm for the company, for the people, and for the work. “Innovation and interactivity — particularly in storytelling — are already changing the way we think and live,” Bolton said in a recent release.  “Jam3 had the early jump on all this because of their ability to keep up with and manipulate technology and use that to create really powerful, emotional brand experiences. The work they’ve done has always excited me, but I have no doubt that the best is still yet to come.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring his expertise and energy to the Jam Fam. We promise this is entirely unrelated to swirling industry-wide rumours that he cures and smokes his own bacon and pastrami.