International Women’s Day

We're NOT
done yet.

We’ve taken huge strides in this journey, but still have a long way to go.

Today is International Women’s Day: a day of celebration, awareness and action. Today, Jam3 is taking a pledge to uphold gender equality and accountability across our organization. We are committed to an ongoing and authentic vision to ensure this year’s theme, #eachforequal, because gender equality is everyone’s responsibility.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made. In the last year we nearly doubled the number of womxn at Jam3 from 25 to 45, and increased the number of womxn in leadership from 9 to 16. This IWD, we could have stopped at celebrating those accomplishments. We could have stopped at thanking all the womxn who have joined us. But we’re better than that. We’ve taken huge strides in this journey, but still have a long way to go. We're not done yet.

It takes daily action to reach our goal. To do this right, we need the right tools and resources. Our belief ignites action, but literacy will sustain our mission...

So here's what we're pledging to accomplish in 2020:

Formal gender equality training for all current employees.


Unconscious bias training for all current employees.


Develop training materials on gender equality and unconscious bias to add to our Employee Handbook.


Increase the number of opportunities for women to represent Jam3 at conferences by 50%.


Bias-free job descriptions for every role at Jam3 — from intern to director.


Publicly sharing our annual diversity report and our continued learnings.


Continue progress toward gender equality at Jam3.


We’re sharing this because we believe in the power of transparency and accountability in achieving our goals.

If you think so too, join us, and commit to #eachforequal.