International Women’s Day

women TODAY,
and every day.

Progress is an ongoing pursuit

Today is International Women’s Day, a day of celebration, awareness and action. Several years ago, Jam3 made a pledge to uphold gender equality and accountability across our organization. Today, like every other day, we continue to take action to carry out this pledge.

Gender equality is everyone’s responsibility, and each one of us has a role to play. We are committed to an authentic vision of this year’s theme, Break the Bias, as we continue to work towards our goal of a truly equitable workplace.

In 2020, we nearly doubled the number of women at Jam3 from 25 to 45. In our relentless pursuit of better, we’ve grown to 129 women in 2022. That’s a growth rate of 187%! As of February 2022, 40% of our managers across MediaMonks Canada and Jam3 Canada are women.

What’s more, unconscious bias training has been given to all current employees, and is now a part of our onboarding process for all new hires. We have also developed training materials on gender equality and unconscious bias. We will continue to increase the number of opportunities for women to represent Jam3 at conferences by 50% – these efforts will resume once travelling to conferences begins again after Covid restrictions are lifted.

As we continue to grow and recruit new talent, we are reaching out to diverse communities and job boards, and ensuring that all job descriptions – from intern to executive – are bias-free. We remain fully transparent in our progress by publicly sharing our annual diversity report and our continued learnings.

Our pledges and continued progress:

We are working towards providing formal gender equality training for all current employees.


All employees received unconscious bias training in August 2020 implemented through LinkedIn Learning and it is now part of our onboarding process for all new hires.


Unconscious bias training resources have been shared on our internal wiki and implemented through LinkedInLearning.


While there have been fewer conferences due to covid, our goal is to have more opportunities for women to represent Jam3 at conferences as the world opens up again.


We have updated all our job descriptions to ensure that every role at Jam3 - from intern to executive - is bias-free.


We will continue to publicly share our annual diversity report and our continued learnings.


We continue to reach out to diverse communities and job boards in our pursuit of gender equality.


We’re proud of these accomplishments and the progress we’ve made. Striving for equality is an ongoing pursuit - one that we will never stop working towards or improving upon. Break the Bias is a revitalized mentality and approach that we will continue to prioritize in everything we do across Jam3.

Together, we can continue to
champion women and equality. Join us. #breakthebias