Toronto, Ontario

UX Designer

UX Designer's Mission

Hi. We’re Jam3, a design and experience agency. We help modern brands launch their products and design new customer experiences in digital, and beyond.

Our team brings folks together from around the world. We have Strategy, Creative, Experience Design and Production all under one roof (or many remote roofs right now). This amazing fusion of talent lets us make things we could never make alone.

Innovating all day makes us pretty fun people to work with too. We’re curious about new ideas, we know how to make them happen, and we’re always there to support each other throughout the process.

If you like making good things better you’ll fit right in.

As our new UX Designer, you will be enhancing the functionality, usability and accessibility of all our productions with your superior knowledge of information architecture, UX mapping, and wireframes, while always making sure to uphold the Jam3 standard of design, “the sauce”. You need to be competent in all facets of the design process and exceptionally talented and skilled in interaction and user experience design.

You are responsible for delivering best-in-class customer experiences, be it a website, VR experience or chatbot, for our clients worldwide. We're project-based, so we're always working with someone interesting, be it adidas, Facebook, Google, Oculus,  Netflix, or Diageo.

Read on for details! We’re looking forward to meeting you. We are looking for strong intermediate/mid level candidates with a minimum of 3 years experience.

The Real Opportunity!

  • +Fundamentally: have deep empathy for who you’re creating for, not only the end user, but clients and team members.

  • +Experience delivering UX for creative web experiences, e.g. product marketing, campaigns, and CMS-based projects.

  • +Passion for emerging technologies including AR, VR, conversational UI, and machine learning. Experience in these areas is a big plus.

  • +Driven by collaboration: eager to work with Strategists, Creative Designers, Motion Designers, and Developers to ideate and create as a team.

  • +Proven expertise translating Strategy into UX and collaborating with Design & Development teams.

  • +Comfortable working on concepting, pitches, and productions, managing 2 to 3 projects simultaneously.

  • +You may also be asked to deliver, or collaborate on, UI designs depending on your unique skill set

  • +Excellent communication skills: the ability to articulate ideas and decisions clearly, focussing on the why.

  • +Create and present UX ideas, wireframes, and user flows, using human-centric design practices that also include rationale based on customer research and best practices that keep business outcomes in mind.

  • +Comfortable working in Google Docs for team collaboration; Figma and Miro for creating flows, maps, wireframes, and prototypes; user testing; and design system management.

  • +Be an advocate for UX best practices and continually growing your skill set by observing industry trends and emerging technologies.

  • +Attention to detail is critical. We take great pride in making sure every deliverable is pixel perfect.

Jam3 is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage all applicants.

Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.