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Front End Developer’s Mission:


At Jam3, we believe our client’s business problems are solved by design. Beyond meeting the basic functional needs, great design creates memorable, business-impacting value for our customers. As our new Front End Developer, you are an integral part of the team who helps to bring awesome designs to life.  We need people who love exploring new methods and techniques and live to take development to a new level


You’ll be part of an international team, comprised of some of the most talented makers, producers, and creative minds in the industry. You are responsible for developing web pages, installations, and applications.  In order to be successful at this, we need developers who aren’t afraid to push the limits of what can be done with code while collaborating with other developers to do the same for our clients worldwide (including but not limited to Facebook, Google, Spotify, Ford, Coke, Viacom, Fox, Disney). We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this amazing career opportunity.


The Real Opportunity!


  • Collaborate with Producers, Designers and other Developers to execute projects
  • Communicate complicated technical approaches in layman’s terms so that clients and other teammates are comfortable with the team’s approach
  • You will be responsible for managing your own time and completing assigned tasks on time
  • Surface risk within projects through effective team communication by developing a safe and trusting teamwork environment involving every team member you work with
  • Proactively identify system & project deficiencies and recommend solutions to the team
  • Improve quality through regular review and scrutiny of production and product development processes
  • Estimate new features / tasks for others with oversight from Technical Director
  • Work swiftly to kill Jira bug tickets with clean, reusable code
  • Post-mortem documentation of technical development (ie. Summary of hours and development difficulties)
  • Leave your mark on Jam3 by submitting re-usable code to Generator
  • Our clients and your teammates are counting on you to be here, every day. If you’ve ever worked in this type of environment, you know how important teamwork and commitment are to the success of every project
  • Attention to detail is critical. We take great pride in making sure every deliverable is 100 percent. You will help us achieve our high standards through your keen technical eye and upholding of coding standards on a daily basis


Be Prepared to discuss things like: 


  • Your knowledge of JavaScript, the DOM, CSS, and HTML and all aspects of creative coding
  • Your opinion on popular frontend frameworks: React.js, Angular, VUE.js
  • Working with APIs
  • Your experience working with NPM and module systems like Webpack or Browserify
  • Your views on open source
  • Your ideal project structure
  • Your experience with animation on the web using CSS transition, Greensock or other methods
  • Specific topics such as Node.JS, PHP, Python, SASS, LESS, Task runners, programmatic animation, iOS & Android development processes either native or cross platform solutions


Jam3 welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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