Creative Developer

Creative Developer’s Mission

Hi! We’re Jam3 a design and experience agency and part of the Media.Monks family. We help modern brands launch their products and design new customer experiences in digital, and beyond.

Our team brings folks together from around the world. We have Strategy, Creative, Experience Design and Production all under one roof (four roofs, actually). This amazing fusion of talents lets us make things we could never make alone.

Innovating all day makes us pretty fun people to work with too. We’re curious about new ideas, we know how to make them happen, and we’re always there to support each other throughout the process.

If you like making good things even better you’ll fit right in.

As our new Creative Developer, you will be a creative partner in exploration, and a digital explorer, helping to guide those who don’t think and speak in technical terms.

You will be responsible for looking beyond the pixels, seeing the realm of possibilities, and executing on the agreed upon best possibility. You will help creatives adjust their vision with the technologies we’re working with or the techniques we’re familiar with for our clients worldwide. We're project-based, so we're always working with someone interesting, be it adidas, Meta, Google, Oculus, Netflix, or Diageo.

Read on for details! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

The Real Opportunity!

  • +Through your knowledge in WebGL and/or Game Engines, bring cutting edge experiences to life.

  • +Build 2D and 3D interactive web, mobile, and installation content using WebGL and Javascript; you must be comfortable with working in a 3D environment (i.e. understanding scene graphs, world units, axis orders, etc.)

  • +Create materials and effects using GLSL and Shaders.

  • +Manipulate 3D vector and matrix math to produce certain effects, procedural content, or interactions (i.e. raycasting).

  • +Optimize WebGL for web and mobile.

  • +Working with and sometimes editing design assets in Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator or 3D modeling software.

  • +Develop in-house and project-specific tools with Javascript, Node.js and web technology.

  • +Working with scripts and automation in creative applications such as Photoshop, After Effects, or 3D modeling software to optimize and enhance the production pipeline

  • +Working collaboratively outside of your silo, considering solutions that bridge multiple technologies.

  • +Interpreting the creative desire, taking a creative ask and interpreting it in a way that is functional but also meets that creative requirement

  • +Being able to communicate creative ideas in concrete terms

Be Prepared to discuss things like:

  • +Your2+ years of experience with creative coding (WebGL or Unity or similar)

  • +Your interest in the innovative bridging of different tools and technologies

  • +Your skills in WebGL

  • +Your experience with 2D or 3D imagery

  • +Your understanding of Game programming

  • +Your exposure to Unity

  • +Your experience with asset and performance optimization

  • +How you composite a 3D scene using models, visual effects and post processing

  • +#LI-hybrid

Jam3 is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage all applicants.

Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.