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Live action demos so cool they split the screen!



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Users can explore live action demos that showcase the impressive capabilities and features of the Lexus IS series in this microsite. The Lexus IS microsite is split into three sections highlighting each model of the Lexus IS – the Lexus IS, IS F and IS C.

Giving our audience choice, we created two ways to explore the site. After selecting a particular model, Lexus fans could explore different aspects of the car using clickable ‘hotspots’, or jump to sections of interest using the Quick Nav menu. After their Lexus lust was sufficiently inflamed, visitors could book a test drive directly from the microsite.

You won’t find any CGI or scrap footage here – every second of high-speed video was filmed at a beautiful private airport in Miami. Produced with Dentsu Canada and with the incredibly talented Sons and Daughters behind the lens, we captured each car doing what it does best.  The lightning fast IS F bolts from from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds; the 250 IS cuts through turns in a pylon test; and the IS C’s retractable hard top gives Optimus Prime a run for his money.

Design & Craft

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  • IsSlice1
  • IsSlice2
  • IsSlice3

Real footage leads to real interactivity and real engagement.

Technical Info

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A Flash site that uses real fullscreen video and hotspots to explore the Lexus IS

  • _ Image Sequences

    The user can scrub through an image sequence to see in detail how the retractable hardtop works.

  • _ Faux 3D

    Using clever imagery and overlaying them on a 3D geometric shape, we were able to give two dimensional photos the ability to be rotated a few degrees.  This gave the illusion of 3D without resorting to a video or other animation that would have increased file size.

  • _ Dynamic Transitions

    The diagonal slice transitions between sections are animated dynamically. This meant that we didn’t need to use an animator, giving us the ability to easily update and modify the transition.

  • _ Pie Slices

    For the individual car features we created dynamic half circle slices to highlight standout features. It was a piece of cake.


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_ Partners

  • Client Lexus
  • Agency Dentsu
  • Film Production Sons and Daughters

_ Services

  • Creative Ideation
  • Design
  • Development

_ Awards

  • fwa Site of the Day
  • adcc Gold
  • davey Silver