Lexus ES



The smoothest, classiest, customizable car experience.



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Designed entirely in-house, we created Lexus’ ES 350 and ES 300 Hybrid microsite to bring a sense of elegance to the standard build-your-own-car experience. To realize this artistic concept, we used a simple design accentuated by extremely smooth UI animations. Rendered in 3D, each Lexus drives slowly down a path lined with LED lights,

which light up as the car passes by them. The stark contrast of light and shadows accentuates the smooth contours of the ES’ design, while users learn about the luxury vehicle’s design, performance, dashboard tech and safety features. At any point users have the option of customizing their own ES.

Design & Craft

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  • ESSlice2

Elegant simplicity is the essence of luxury.

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  • Agency Dentsu

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