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At Jam3, we believe our client’s business problems are solved by design. Beyond meeting the basic functional needs, great design creates memorable, business-impacting value for our customers. As a Jam3 Developer you would participate an incredible variety of digital productions. If it’s technically possible, you have the passion, desire and interest to make it happen, on time, on budget, and with maximum creativity!


You’ll be part of an international development team, comprised of some of the most talented makers, producers, and creative minds in the industry. You are responsible for a detailed and creative technical approach while producing brilliant executions for our clients worldwide (including but not limited to Facebook, Google, Spotify, Ford, Coke, Viacom, Fox, Disney). We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this amazing career opportunity.


  • Collaborate with Producers, Designers and other Developers in the execution of new work from a technical perspective on a weekly basis to directly influence the outcome of the project.
  • Your love of technology is insatiable to the point you think researching is fun. Constantly learning is your dream job.
  • Surface risk within projects through effective team communication by developing a safe and trusting teamwork environment involving every team member you work with.
  • Our clients and your teammates are counting on you to be here, every day. If you’ve ever worked in this type of environment, you know how important teamwork and commitment are to your personal success.
  • Your mastery with technology can be expressed in layman’s terms in such a way that less technical people understand concepts and apply them in their own work.
  • Improve quality through regular review and scrutiny of production and product development processes.
  • Attention to detail is critical. We take great pride in making sure every deliverable is 100 percent. You will help us get better through your keen technical eye and upholding of coding standards on a daily basis.
  • Ability to learn a new technical skill on the job and apply it professionally


  • Your knowledge of JavaScript, the DOM, CSS, and HTML and all aspects of creative coding
  • Your opinion on popular frontend frameworks: React.js, Angular, VUE.js
  • Specific topics such as Node.JS, PHP, Python, CSS Pre-Processors, Task runners, programmatic animation, iOS & Android development processes either native or cross platform solutions will be discussed.


  • A degree/diploma in Computer Science, Engineering, Digital Marketing, or related subject desirable
  • 2+ years of experience in professional Web Development
  • Great knowledge of JavaScript, comfortable working independently


  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ensuring the highest level of quality in all deliverables
  • Prioritizes multiple tasks efficiently to meet deadlines

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